Fresh round the old coddlings.

A cold start to the day. A heavy frost meant clear skies, at 0430hrs I starred up at the mighty figure of Orion and his dogs as they headed for the sanctuary of the Western horizon, their progress that of the pace set by the Universe. The double cluster in Purseus twinkled next to the winking demon, Algol.

As beautiful as it was, I’am glad that I wasn’t out in it all night, the wonderment of the night sky only keeps the cold at bay for so long. Our Sun, now well up in the Heavens provides little warmth.

The birds fill the garden, waiting their turn to feast on my humble offerings, the importance of keeping some lard on the ribs crucial if they are to see the morrow. They’ll not go short here, extra will be provided. The pool is as of yet free of ice so the ducks and geese are ok.

The log burner is chugging along nicely, it’s orange glow radient and warm, the dog Rambo, AKA Kippy, snores under his covers, it’s high time I ventured out and grabbed some fresh air, clear the mid and get me thinking straight. Bis gleich.

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