Bugs sighed as he looked out onto the rain drenched orchard. The trees bare branches still bore the last of the Autumn fruit. “Will this rain never stop” he said to Kippy.

A startled Black Bird flew from the hedge instantly attracting Bugsy’s attention. What he saw made his jaw drop in disbelief.

Working it’s way along the hedge row was a 9 inch tall Christmas Pixie. “Well I’ll be” announced the gob smacked Bugs.

Grabbing his coat he legged it outside but on getting to the orchard the Pixie had gone, vanished. Damn and blast thought Bugs still puffing and panting from the burst of energy.

Then…….20yds along the hedge Bugs noticed a faint golden glow, stealthily he ghost walked to the spot, nervously he bent forward and slowly parted the grass.

With each move of the grass the glow intensified, Bugs held his breath, the last few blades and WHOOSHCHA!!!! There it was.

Obviously it was annoyed and perturbed by the disturbance, the words it spoke had venom and a sharp tone.


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