URANUS! No not yours.

cropped-dscn06052.jpg0400Hrs sat out on the bench, wicked, Uranus was not to be seen, but I know as soon as conditions are right Uranus will be on view.

The Hunter slipped away to the west followed by his dog that twinkled all the colours of the Bow, his stella nursery a luminous green. Leo, the mighty Lion, sprawled across the Southern sky as if guarding the heavens, Jupiter danced with the laid back waining Moon and Virgo the Lady In chains observed the togetherness of the brief partnership.

I relaxed back onto the cool timber of the bench and exhaled, using the old three star method I ascertained the time was approx. 0500hrs, not wanting to blow my own trumpet and all that but I was spot on.

Just enough time for another 2 Crunchies then the Day’s chores begin.

Bis Gleich.

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