The treasure of Tara.

Bugs Bruton ran across the golden sand that was still firmed by the receding tide, heading for the gently lapping waters of  his tropical island. As he entered the shallows he went from running like a God to looking like a pissed up Flamingo, but he cared not. As soon as the depth was adequate he lunged forward with out stretched arms and like a dart he entered the the alien blue world, scratching his sack on the jagged coral of the hidden reef.

The momentum of his dive now lost Bugs found himself in 20ft of crystal clear water doing a fine impression of a Hump back. Ahead in amongst the rocks was a large wooden chest, omitting a golden glow, shoals of brightly coloured fish swam in it’s brilliance. Then! As if by magic, a Mermaid appeared, lilly white tits and long blonde hair and a bottom half that looked like something off Grimsby fish market. She beckoned, and Bugs, like a dog with two dicks, swam toward her and the mystery chest.

Every muscle ached as Bugs looking every bit the profesional pearl diver swam towards his riches, the key to a new life, the end of all problems. Bugs soon found himself looking into the Mermaids eye’s, the chest of treasure between them. She lifted the lid slowly and the glow brightened.

The aquatic beauty spoke to Bugs telepathically offering him a life with her under the sea, or the chest of Tara. Bugs pondered, oblivious to the trickle of blood from his injured sack tainting the water. Bugs opted for the treasure, and as he drooled over the contents of the chest the tearful Mermaid swam away.

Bugs was engrossed in the magic of the moment, all his prayers answered, he failed to notice the monsterous Great White torpedoing toward him from the gloom. It struck home, and in a ferocious frenzy it ate Bugs. What a bastard aye.

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