Good morning, and what a fine one it is .I’ve Not wrote for a while, don’t want to flood the market with my brilliance.
I’ve just popped back inside ready to put the kettle on.
But Bugs, pray tell, what have you been up to at this strange hour?
Well I’ll come clean, yes you’ve guessed correctly, I’ve been looking at Uranus.
Sitting outside reading the story book of the heavens really does help to put things into perspective. The Summer Triangle slipping away to the west while The Hunter and his winter entourage rise in the east. The Dog Star approaches, bringing it’s chill.
Sat outside with all these mythical characters, beasts and places of foreboding while meteors scratch the inky black with their sudden streaks of silver gives us the opportunity to climb on the carousel of memories.
Day dream a little, make a point of drifting, get on the motorway, floor it, feel the dangerous thrill of speed, then as you hit the red line, chill.
Nah, much safer to do it over a bowl…….. of washing up that is, know what I’am sayin.
Anyway the Gaffer’s just got up, best brew up. Bye for now.

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