He’s here.

As the setting Sun sinks behind the haunted wood he prepares to ride, to feed.
In the damp darkness of Ladybirch he waits, drooling at the thought of lost souls.
The final twinkle of light fades from the landscape, taking hope and salvation with it.
A blanket of ink black evil descends and takes control of the normal, the weak will die.
Total darkness, the horseman digs his heels into the beast’s flank causing it to rear before bursting forth into the night at a full gallop.700full
The sound of pounding hooves, snorts from the flared nostrils of the horse, the frantic yah yahs of the horse man, and the thrashing of the crop reach into the night.
He only needs one soul, but which one? YOURS?
Watch the shadow, beware the dark, be alert.

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