Remember remember.

It’s that time of the year again, fireworks going off until all hours scaring pet’s out of their wits.
Well! It’s time that we acted and conducted ourselves like the responsible Adults that we are.
Lets get out there and show the youngsters of today what a Bonfire night really is.
Regardless of age or background, set about the following tasks with enjoyment and a hearty slap of the shoulders for the recipients of your japes.
Firstly, get yourself down to the nearest firework outlet and spend your last bean on buying as many bangers as you can, don’t be to worried about how loud they are at this stage because you can doctor them later.
If at this point you don’t smoke, start. Handling explosive substances is always more nerve tingling with a fag hanging out of your mouth.
Before you start throwing these expensive eye sight removers about willy nilly, it’s best to practice with a small stick or similar object first. Practice makes perfect as they say.
Now remember, it’s going to be dark when you go out, so only wear black or dark clothing, conceal your presence, surprise is a game winner.
When you toss a banger into a crowd the fizzing touch paper is a dead give away, allowing everyone to scatter. Hold the banger for as long as possible before throwing it.
This is your one chance in a year to be a complete prat, so get out there and push some unsuspecting individual into the fire.
What ever you get up to this Bonfire night, have fun.

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