No Regrets

Out of the blue an old friend contacted me the other day, not only was I overjoyed , but also happy, relieved, a whole mix of emotions, I suppose deep down I was unaware of exactly what this friend meant to me.
We tried to cover our past life changing events via a social media, so much to tell, more than the average thumb can handle that’s for sure.
At the end of a delightful series of photo’s came the words no regrets.
I read the words and fully understood what my friend meant.
As fast as my right thumb could manage, I typed my reply and ended with the words same here, no regrets.
Overnight, since sending that message to my friend I’ve realized that my entire life is riddled with regrets, some little, some big, and even painful ones. They won’t go away, they are embroidered into the very fabric of my existence, I’am who I am and I’ve done what I’ve done, can’t change that.
I’am not going to dwell on the past but learn from it, and hopefully as I travel life’s path these regrets will get fewer and fewer until they disappear completly from my life’s tapestry.
I wish my Worrier of light well.

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