Yesterday, the eve of my 59th birthday, as I stood watching and waiting for the Chickens to turn in for the night, I thought to myself, “you know what, tomorrow, I’m going to treat myself to a few hours writing.”
As the light fades, our 7 chickens, start their predictable routine, strutting and clucking around the coup. They ignore my presence as they take their last sips of ice-cold water, or peck inquisitively at potential morsels. Simple creatures, they don’t ask or demand a lot from us, yet, they reward us with the finest eggs this side of the Mississippi.20171026_140555.jpg
I do enjoy my daily trip to the Chickeroonies, keeps me in touch with the daily cycle of light and dark, the importance of daylight. I make sure that they don’t miss a second of it.
Well, as I promised myself, it’s now 03:50hrs Zulu, and I’m sat here, glasses perched on the end of my conk, poised, raring to go, let the festivities begin, yeeha.
Not really, I’m not that way inclined these days, I’ll more than likely spend my day doing my Saint Francis of Assisi routine, feeding, watching and generally keeping a north eye on things. I wouldn’t wish it any other way.cropped-dscn06051.jpg
There will be ample time during the course of the day, as I await my ultimate present, to reflect on how lucky and blessed I am, to spare a thought for others, not necessarily those less fortunate, just others in general. The others that make up and complete my jigsaw of life, Brother, Sister and Friends.
Anyway, back to my ultimate present, I’m bouncing up and down on my seat just thinking of it, I’ve had this present for the last 24 years of my life, and I never tire of experiencing the joy, love and happiness that it
I am of course, talking about A’r Jack, the Women we all love.20171229_133009
As we raise and chink our glasses of Tenuta Frescobaldi, then my birthday will be complete.hoopoe


4 thoughts on “Thoughts

    1. “Hello Andrea, I had a wonderful day, thank-you. Followed by a splendid week-end of being spoilt by family and friends, and the whole package is being topped off today, with a drive up to the Lake district, with my younger Brother John.
      Although walking is out of the question for me, I hope to see a Red Squirrel clambering amongst the bones.
      With any luck, we should end up eating Fish ‘n’ Chips, somewhere by the sea.
      I’m looking forward to your next post, until then, take care.”

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