A tuf nut

Dez stood at the top of the stone steps leading from the Casino, he unfastened his Dickybow and loosened his collar, sighing silently with relief. From the inside pocket of his jacket he pulled out a Gold cigarette case. He removed one of the hand-made Sobrani’s and placed it between his lips.
A couple, clad in evening attire, exited the large glass doors of the Casino. Their conversation, nothing more than Champagne induced giggles stopped as they walked past Dez.
Bonne nuit Monsieur.” said the Man.
Bonne nuit.” replied Dez, he watched the couple descend the steps, once out of ear shot their giggling resumed.
Tilting his head to one side, Dez pressed his thumb down onto the  Gold cigarette lighter, instantly, with a metallic click, a small neat flame leapt into life. Protected by a cupped hand the flame was introduced to the cigarette.
Dez drew the smoke deep into his lungs, enjoying the coolness and relief it brought. He exhaled the smoke long and slow, through pursed lips into the warm night air.
The giggling couple now stood at the base of the steps along with the Valet, who, with a raised white-gloved hand, had summoned their car.
The sound of invisible Cicadas was replaced by the sound of the slowly approaching car, as it’s tyres crunched the pea gravel drive.
Dez drew on his cigarette, and watched as the Valet opened and held the door, gesturing the gigglers to enter. With the couple sat comfortably in the rear of the Bently, the Valet closed the door shut with a gentle push. The sound of crunching gravel escorted the red tail lights into the darkness, fading, until gone.
Once more the deafening chorus of Cicadas filled the night.

With an elegant stretch of his arm, and a subtle twist of his wrist, Dez exposed the face of his Bulgari Magsonic Sonnerie watch. He bent his arm and glanced at the dial.
“Ah Midnight, the night is young.” He thought to himself.
A reflection in the watch’s glass caught his eye, someone was behind him, he turned sharply on the leather soles of his shoes, ready to respond.
There she stood, a vision of magnificent beauty, her sapphire eyes meeting his. Her tall slender frame was covered by a shoulderless, full length, sequined dress that glittered blue and green as it caught the light. Over her shoulders was draped a small jacket, and the crowning glory was a Beehive of golden hair supporting a Diamond Tiara.
Before he had time to step aside, and let her pass, she extended her arm, and offered Dez her hand.
Dez gently held her fingers, and bowing forward slightly, he drew her hand towards his waiting lips. Keeping eye contact, he kissed her hand.
“Bonsoir Monsieur, Je m’appell Alexandria. Comment tu t’appelles?” She asked in her silken Mediterranean tone.
Before answering, Dez  inhaled and savoured the scent of her floral perfume. “Bonsoir Mademoiselle, enchante, Je m’appell Dez…Dez Cacahuetes.”


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