Foot Tappin’ Man.

The young mother stopped her washing up and smiled as she breathed deeply the fresh scented air that entered the open window. Reassured by the happy giggles of her baby, she plunged her
hands back into the bowl of soapy water, and humming a nameless tune to herself she continued to do the dishes. Outside on the patio, in the shade of the large Honeysuckle that cascaded over the fence, her young baby was in her pushchair enjoying the summer’s warmth. The buzz of insects as they motored past the pushchair, left to right, then right to left was accompanied by the chirp of Sparrows and the occasional car door slamming shut, followed by a toot toot of farewell. But most of all Baby Chloe was enjoying the attention of Crippler, next door’s Pitbull. Baby Chloe kicked her chubby legs and waved her tiny arms, making the string of plastic toys that stretched in front of her rattle each time Crippler’s cold nose touched her bare skin. She gurgled and laughed as Crippler licked her face, but the mood changed when Chloe, in her excitement, grabbed hold of Crippler’s ear. The Dog flinched, and then snapped at the small hand, the teeth inside the vice like jaws clunked together with a loud chock, he’d missed. The garden gate swung open, and full of panic, in came Sue. “There you are, you nightmare you, you’ve had me worried sick; come here.” She said, reaching down and fussing Crippler, who was now wagging his tail and letting his tongue flop out of his mouth as he panted playfully. She put him on his lead and took him inside.

The foot Tappin’ Man watched from across the street as Sue invited herself into her friend’s kitchen for coffee, then, already excited by the thought of being a Cannibal, out looking for his first kill, he walked across to the gate.

The Bees buzzed, the Sparrows chirped and Chloe laughed. What could possibly go wrong on a summer’s day?

The Garnet Star. A Red Giant.

April the 1st, Easter Sunday, still in darkness, but with an unseen hint of Sunrise, just enough to set the Birds singing, I stood and savoured the start of the new Day that greeted me.  Blackbirds sang and pheasants called, a waning gibbous Moon still hung low in the western sky and Owls hooted from the dark protection of the surrounding woods, only minutes of their night remained. This was the transition of night into day. The Morning air chilled my face. There was no wind, the chill just seemed to gently touch my skin, as if it had substance, letting me know it was there.
Banjo the Donkey who lives on yonder farm, brayed his lungs out “hee-haw – hee-haw,” ducks, safe in the inky darkness of their pool, quacked their humorous laughing quack, and the sound of their splashing, as they squabbled reached my ears.
I daydreamed as I stared at Jupiter, which was second only to the Moon in dominating the celestial bowl. Lost in thought, I became oblivious of the waking day and allowed myself time for my eyes wander around the paling sky, and that’s when I saw it, the Garnet Star. It is massive, but in a one-dimensional sky only its colour makes it stand out. Producing 100 times the energy of our Sun, and having a Disc that measures fifteen AU’s across ( 1 x AU = 93 MILLION MILES, that’s how far it is to the Sun and how Astrologers measure distance within the universe.) this Star, if placed in the position of our Sun, would fill space out as far as Jupiter and beyond. Now that is what I call big, and to top it off, it is expected to go Super Nova!
The night sky is full of these red gems – Antares – El Superbo, and many more. For myself, these titbits of information make the night sky three-dimensional and not that flat barrier of silver dots.
The Garnet star is up there now, but this Morning (April 2nd) it is hidden behind dense grey cloud, and rain falls, dripping from the thatch in plips and plops, an unidentifiable tune to accompany to the now singing Birds.
It’s time to put my coat on and serve them their breakfast.