Happy Day.

May Day – there’s no turning back day – let’s roll!

Swallows, now numbering six, swoop and playfully chase each other around the Stables, their chattering and twittering the language of Summer. At break-neck speed, and with only inches separating their glossy blue plumage, like young playful Children, oblivious to consequence and full of the desire to show-off, they perform their amazing Ariel display. Is this natural delight pleasing to the observer, you bet it is! But you are not watching a show layed on solely for your benefit, no, you are watching two birds demonstrating their ability to warn of the danger, and possibly out-fly their Nemesis, that has shadowed them on their journey north, across the blistering hot sands of the Sahara Desert, and past the waiting talons of Eleanora Falcons. The lightning fast, sickle winged Hobby.

Of course, many more forthcoming attractions of Summer will find their way onto your canvas of contentment: the chink of bumping ice cubes as you sip your cooling drink. A passing Butterfly, that causes you to daydream as you watch it flutter from bloom to bloom. The list of possibilities is enjoyably varied, enjoy the moments you choose for your spiritual canvas, enjoy your Summer.
This this little chap, was my May Day treat. Spotted by my dearly beloved, Jack. 
Happy May Day.