Cuthbert the Caterpillar.

Cuthbert paused from chomping his Bramble leaf too observe the approaching family. Mom and Dad walked leisurely hand in hand enjoying the sea air while the two young children ran back and forth along the tarmac path that cut through the sand dunes. 
“Oi! You pair! Keep close.” Shouted Dad.
“We will.” Replied the boy excitedly.
The Welsh coast was enjoying some late-season sunshine that encouraged Holidaymakers out of their Caravans and onto the seafront. From Prestatyn to Llandudno the beaches echoed with the joyful sound of playing Children.   

“Look at those two little Angels Tom, they’re loving every second of this Holiday. Shall we book for the same place next year?”
“Why not dear, I mean, look at them, the little scamps. They are so safe here, it’s a far cry from back home in Liverpool.”
You’re right Tom, they’re safe and we’re relaxed, nothing can go wrong.”

All that Cuthbert wanted from life was a bit of peace and quiet in which to become a fully fledged Grackle Moth. But no, he wasn’t going to find that here, not with all the development of tourist facilities going on, he’s got more chance of being bit by a Lettuce than finding his Shang ri la here.

Young Ben and his Sister Lucy were racing towards the ice cream booth when suddenly Ben stopped.
“What is it, Ben?” Asked Lucy as she peered over Ben’s shoulder.
“I’ve no idea Sis, it’s a Caterpillar of some sort, pass me that little twig so that I can pick it up.”
Cuthbert knew what was coming so he coiled his green and yellow body for protection. Ben prodded the twig into Cuthbert’s ample body causing him to fall from his leaf.
“You’ve done it now Ben, you’ve lost it.”
“Nah, I can see it.”
Ben stretched his arm into the Bramble ignoring the scratching thorns. He fumbled about amongst the grass feeling for Cuthbert.
Ma and Pa were now only yards away.
“Ahh look, Tom, ain’t it nice to see the kids playing as one with nature.”
“Sure is pet – JUST GRAB IT, Ben!”

Ben’s fumbling fingers found Cuthbert who was now pretty pee’d off.
“Got it –  got it.” Rejoiced Ben jumping up and down, holding poor little Cuthby aloft like a trophy.
Lucy jumped up and down too. “I want it – show me.” She pleaded.
“Come on Ben show your sis.” Said, Dad.

Cuthbert was now suffocating in Ben’s clenched hand, making him madder than mad. His body pulsated with venom.
Ben held out his clenched hand, the other three peered in wide-eyed and expectant. Ben slowly unfolded his fingers to reveal the swollen torso of Cuthbert. The family members stared, holding their breath with anticipation.
Now on an outstretched palm with balloon faces only inches away, Cuthbert exploded. BANG!
Venom hotter than pepper spray found curious eyes, sending bodies to writhe in the Autumn grass. 

Vinny the ice cream man vaulted the counter of his booth, Glenis his wife quickly handed him eight cones of vanilla.
Vinny was soon on the scene. Starting with Lucy he shoved two cones of ice cream, one into each eye socket.
After only seconds the soothing ice cream started to take effect. Mom, Dad, and the two kids lay on their back’s, looking as normal as ever, apart from the ice cream cones sticking out of their faces.
“Everything ok Vinny?” It was Mrs. Pibble the Vicars wife, out walking Fifi their French Poodle. Unrestrained and full of excitement, Fifi ran straight for the prone figure of Mom and after licking briefly at the ice cream, turned and cocked a leg. Mom went bezirk. “Calm down – calm down.” Said, Dad.
Don’t just book it…

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