The Cold Moon.

What do you think of when you see a Full Moon? Monday 21st January brings you the first full Moon of the year, known as The Cold Moon. At a time of year when the nights are long and dark, the light of a Full Moon can be magical, adding skin tingling expectation to the charcoal hours. It’s that in between light that almost reveals, but also hides the monsters of our imagination. What the eye can’t see… we like to think we are alone inside an ebony bubble, protected from the night’s nasties. But the Goddess of the Moon, Queen of the night, would like to sharpen your senses, play a few tricks and make your heart beat that little faster.


Why not let Her? Our very own Moon gazed upon by every person that has ever lived, ignites a spark within our imaginations. The Man In The Moon, Howling Wolves, fact and fiction, myths, legends, there is so much to choose from. Any amount of knowledge will enhance your lunar experience.

During the early hours of Monday Morning, there will be a Lunar Eclipse, the only one of the year, so don’t miss it. Even if you only take a peek through the curtains, make a wish, then go back to bed, that’s enough, you will have at least satisfied your curiosity.

I shall be sat Outside on my bench, wrapped up warm, ready to observe this Celestial treaty.

I hope you get to see it and your wish comes true.

2 thoughts on “The Cold Moon.

  1. I was devastated I missed the last lunar eclipse because of a huge thunderstorm, so I’ve already planned to get up at 4am tomorrow night to see this one, I just hope I can find a vantage point to see it and that it isn’t cloudy! I’ll give a nod to you wrapped up on your bench watching Mick…

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  2. Hello Andrea, I only managed to get fleeting glimpses of the eclipse, but what I found really weird, was when it went total, the Cockerel started crowing, Owls hooted and dozens of Pheasants clucked from their roosts.
    All in, a pleasant few hours.
    I hope you’re feeling a bit better now Andrea. Bye for now.



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