Mothin with the Bugs

As the Sun slowly sank below the tree-fringed horizon, pulling with it a duvet of darkness, that dulled the floral carpet of June; creatures of the night stirred. Ever-lengthening dark fingers of shadow, stretched, reaching across the meadow, seeking out their kind, to become total shadowiness. Sheep, heads down, unaware of its presence, carried on with grazing the Summer lush grass; their lambs, now almost full grown, returned, bleating, wagging their tails, to suckle. A clatter of Jackdaws flew to roost, their noisy departure overriding the bellowing of the Bull, as it pushed clouds of breath into the chilly air.
Amongst the fading Cirrus, a passenger plane glared gold, its path marked by a thinning trail of grey, slowly dispersing vapor. Its beady red eye blinked a silent, rhythmic flash, that intensified in brightness as the Day succumbed to the imminent arrival of Night.

Now under cover of darkness, The Lobster felt it safe to move from its daytime hiding place. After stretching its wings, it ventured out into the Night. Staffordshire slept, totally unaware that outside, The Lobster lurked.

The Lobster

After three years of setting traps, my vigilance was rewarded, I caught The Lobster. For only the second time since records began, had this large, docile Moth been trapped in VC39 (that’s the Vice Count number allocated to Staffordshire). At the moment, this location is the Northern Edge of its range.
So you can imagine, how, after walking the Earth’s crust for 60 years, thrilled, I was to see it.

The simplest of things, and absolutely free, made my day.
What’s going to make yours? There are lots of things out there to choose from.

As the Year progresses, and the nights get warmer, so, the number of Moth species on the wing increases. Leave a light on for a while, or put a sugar rope (string soaked in a sugar solution) in the bushes, they will come, just have your phone camera at the ready. You’ll be amazed by what this Night-time World has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Mothin with the Bugs

  1. You filled me with a sense of foreboding as I waited to see which nefarious creature had stalked sleeping Staffordshire…. 🙂 I’m very glad that you caught the lobster visiting Mick!


    1. Hello Andrea. I got myself muddled up with this one. My intent wasn’t clear in my head, never mind, lesson learned aye. By the way, that Bird that I wrote about in “Soon”, the Black Cap, well he’s here. He dashes amongst the Blackthorn Blossom from perch to perch and sings his little heart out.
      Thanks for reading Andrea. I’ll focus a bit better on the next one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not at all Mick, I thought it was great. I did something similar when I wrote about the nightjar, building it up as something eerie because of all the legends surrounding it as a bloodsucker, when actually, it’s just a bird 🙂 I’m glad your black cap has arrived – I haven’t seen a black cap, but I’m still enjoying the woodpecker!


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