Hiya, nice to WordPress meet you.

My name is Mick, although most call me Bugs, l’am 58 years of age and live in a small thatched cottage here in rural England.

I was rendered disabled 7 years ago by a brain hemorrhage, knocked me about a bit.

My entire existence revoles round keeping occupied and active, wether it be Birds, Moths, cooking, Star gazing  or this, writting. I pass the time of day in endless ways helped by my beloved partner of 24 years Jackie.

We live together on the fringe of society  surrounded by all we love. We have in a way over the years built our own piece of shangri-la.

During the comming weeks I’ll be writing short stories  and articles on a wide range of subjects that will help  you to use your time constructively and enjoyably.

Until the next time, take care. Bye.