He’s here.

As the setting Sun sinks behind the haunted wood he prepares to ride, to feed.
In the damp darkness of Ladybirch he waits, drooling at the thought of lost souls.
The final twinkle of light fades from the landscape, taking hope and salvation with it.
A blanket of ink black evil descends and takes control of the normal, the weak will die.
Total darkness, the horseman digs his heels into the beast’s flank causing it to rear before bursting forth into the night at a full gallop.700full
The sound of pounding hooves, snorts from the flared nostrils of the horse, the frantic yah yahs of the horse man, and the thrashing of the crop reach into the night.
He only needs one soul, but which one? YOURS?
Watch the shadow, beware the dark, be alert.

Bugs on Sunday.

Good morning everyone, Bugs here.
Well what a response I had from yesterday’s post, it was so refreshing to see so many of you running about trying to be nice to ┬ápeople, myself included, but I do think that
Mrs Chestadraws of Howard County, Maryland went a touch OTT by digging up her husband and tonguing his skull.
Much more pleasing was the response of Mrs Niffimuf.
Mrs Niffimuf of the Pines retirement home in Alburquerque just had to show all the residents her tits.
It’s certainly relaxing watching tits and if you are really observant and lucky you might get to see a pecker pop up between them, Wood Pecker that is.
Today, a’r Jack’s taking me to Chorley horse show, I find it most relaxing.
It’s a monthly opportunity for local folk to dress their best, groom their horses and in a way show off a little, and why not.
I personally shall use the time to relax, and even seek inspiration for my future ramblings.

Next time on Bugsy’s Blog we’ll touch on the sensitive and controversial subject of eating babies, yes you read correctly, eating babies, without mustard would you believe.
Just to think that this day and age people still eat babies, ohne zenf, sans mutard.
What ever you get up to today enjoy it. This is Bugs Bruton heading for the kettle,
stand down stand easy, bye.